Why get the GamePrint plugin on Daz Studio.

Imagine you can bring your Daz Studio characters to life as a high-quality figurine in a click of a button and have it shipped to your doorstep. Our high-tech 3D printers can ensure that no expensive molds are required, and small details will be preserved. We have a wide variety of options to pick from Fully colored painted models to single color print, to hand painted collectible pieces and other options in between. Our production team can provide with the type of models fully printed and colored models and collectibles models our team is artisans of figurine craftsmanship will bring your masterpiece to life using professional methods with 8+ years of experience. Also you will be capable to bring your character to life by repairing your character using our repairing technology that is prepared to repair Daz Studio character, and print them using your own printer, we offer our users the ability to get two types or repairing depending on their preference and the output of the repaired model that they need. Check out our prices below.


Printing Pricing

Pricing of your figurine depends on the size and level of quality you are looking for, the price increments depending on how big and how detailed you want it to be. We automatically price each model based on the selected material finish and size each uploaded model is priced automatically after its uploaded unless you select the hand painting feature, right choice, but please note that we will have to assess the collectible before quoting you with a price. We should not make you wait too long, and expect to hear back in 48 hours.

Repairing Pricing

Repair prices are fixed for both types, select the repair type that you want and submit your order, but please not that custom repairs will need an estimate repairing time. We should not make you wait too long, and expect to hear back in 48 hours.


We ship worldwide, the shipping time and method depend on your shipping address and the shipping method that you select during checkout.

How to

Ordering your figurine through GamePrint is very straightforward.

Step 1: Install the GamePrint plugin from Daz Install Manager.

1.1 Install Daz plugin
1.2 Once the install is done go to Help > About Installed Plugins look for GamePrint

1.3 To Activate the plugin copy the Serial number from My Account > My Serial Numbers then restart Daz Studio

Figure(1) GamePrint 3D Print Serial Number

Figure(1) GamePrint 3D Print Serial Number

Figure (2) GamePrint 3D Print Activation

Step 2: After installation launch or restart Daz Studio.

2.1 Once it loads to open the pane go to Windo >Panes > "GamePrint 3D Print". See Figure (3)

2.2 Once you click "GamePrint 3D Print", the pane window appears. See Figure (4)

Figure (3) Menu item for GamePrint plugin

Figure (4) GamePrint 3D Print Pane

Step 3: Select a node

You have to choose a node to continue. Otherwise, a message will appear asking you to select a node. All nested nodes for your character or scene will be included.

The pane itself can be moved and docked so feel free to place it anywhere you like in the interface.

Figure (5) GamePrint 3D Print Pane Docked to the Left Side of the Screen

Step 4: Click "Order" or "Download STL"

Once you selected the part(s) you can choose to click on the Order button for submitting your character to be printed or click on Download STL for submitting your character to be repaired, then you will be redirected to GamePrint for proceeding, and during the upload stage, you will be able to track the progress using a progress bar.

Note: When the parent node is selected all the child nodes will be selected by default, while if there are two or more main nodes make sure to select all the nodes that you want to export since unselected main nodes will not be exported


Figure (6) GamePrint 3D Print Pane Options and Order Button

Figure (7) Uploading Progress

Step 5: Review your order and set you print setting

At this stage, you can view your model and select printing or repair options. Also, you can make changes regarding the Material finish or size for printing, and for repairing you will be able to do changes regarding repair type & size, all these options must be selected before confirming the order or when applying for a custom repair, click Proceed to Order to continue to checkout page, or click Place Order to set payment to get your repair done.

Below is a list of the settings that you can use:

Size: We offer multiple sizes 5, 7, 9 & 12 inches each material finish will have different sizes, also try our miniature sizes for the Fully Colored & Single color material finishes which are available in 2.5 & 3 inches.

Material finish: We offer four types of material finishes, Fully colored Printed (Standard), Collectible & Single color. Check below to know more about the material finishes.

Fully colored Printed (Standard) : High quality, Fully colored, resin, 3D printed. Color and details are preserved from the original 3D model. Ready to display.

Single color: Painted in the vibrant color of your choice. Polished, finished and ready to display.

Collectible: Premium full-color hand painted figurine. Outstanding artistry and focus placed on the entire figure. Detailed shading. Artist interpretation may change.


Figure (8) Review printing options

Figure (9) Review Repairing Options

Step 6: Add to Cart

After you finish selecting your order options, sizes and material finishes click on the add to cart button to add your item to the cart, with the cart you will have the ability to add multiple items to the cart and check out once with all the items that you want to print in one order.

After you finish adding your models that you want to print click on the checkout button in the cart to proceed to the checkout page.

Figure (10) Adding Model to Cart

Step 7: Checkout

Once you click on “Proceed to Order” you will be redirected to the checkout page you can place your order as guest or a member user, we recommend users to create accounts “Create account for Free” so they can easily track there orders progress and statuses, to proceed as a guest user click on the “Continue As A Guest”.

To place your order and to complete the checkout process you will requested to:

7.1 Add or Select an Address to ship package to, please make sure to enter valid shipping address, invalid address will be rejected.

7.2 Select Shipping Method, you can chose one of two available shipping method, Standard shipping, cheap but take longer time to deliver, Express Shipping, Fast but cost more.

7.3 Add your Payment info, we accept Visa, MasterCard & American Express.

7.4 Add Coupon, to get discount on your order insert your coupon code and click on the apply button, order summary can also be viewed on the right side of the screen under Your Order section.

7.5 Once done click on “Place order”. Note: This is applicable for printing orders only.

7.6 Collectible orders will be reviewed and approved and will be priced by our team and will be waiting for user to proceed with the checkout process.

Figure (11) Guest or Members Checkout

Figure (12) Add Address

Figure (13) Select Shipping Method

Figure (14) Payment Information

Figure (15-1) Add Coupon

Figure (15-2) Add Coupon

Step 8: Order Placed

At this point your order is placed, you can review your order details, you can also view your order invoice by clicking on the invoice link, and we will send you more details including a tracking number.

Figure (16) Order Placed

Figure (17) Invoice

Step 9: Tracking orders

For users who have created accounts you can track order status using the “My Orders” page which can be accessed through the main menu-> orders, to get more information about your order then click on “Order page” button.

Guest orders can be tracked by email that will sent to email address that was filled in the checkout page.

Collectible orders status can also be tracked from My Orders page.

Figure (18) Order Listing and Tracking